IDLab performs fundamental and applied research on internet technologies and data science. IDLab is a joint research initiative between the University of Antwerp and Ghent University. Within Antwerp, IDLab specifically focuses on wireless networking (in collaboration with Ghent) and distributed intelligence. IDLab has a unique research infrastructure used in numerous national and international collaborations.

The IDLab Ghent research group, part of Ghent University, performs fundamental and applied research on Internet based communication networks and services. The research itself is structured in 10 different research clusters, but the work in IoBaLeT will be conducted mainly by the “Wireless Networking” cluster and the “Electromagnetics, RF and High-speed Circuits and Systems” clusters.

Within the Electrical Engineering department at KU Leuven (ESAT), the division ESAT-TELEMIC concentrates on electromagnetic theory, microwave and millimetre wave circuits, electromagnetic wave propagation, and telecommunication systems.